Blumarine Home collection combine know-how in the manufacturing of luxury, quality of materials and design with femininity and the attention to details characterizing the fashion collections. The colors, pastel or bright, are a recurrent feature in plain version or in conjunction with floral, animalier or lace prints. The lines are soft and sinuous, reflecting a contemporary style, but always feminine.

Sophisticated fabrics such as silk and velvet, linen, cotton and cashmere, combined with innovative materials, are used to upholster chairs and sofas with soft and curvy shapes. In the home textiles collection the femininity is on sophisticated details characterizing sartorial items: covers and quilts in satin and cotton, sheets with embroidered tulle and macrame appliques, a-jour edging, jacquard patterns, romantic flowers, spotted and lace prints in soft shades.

Swarovski crystals details and pearls. Towelling complements in solid colours lead the collection embellished by Swarovski crystal logos. Tableware and accessories of photo-frames, boxes, vide-poches, vases, lamps and candles, are preciously made in fine bone china, porcelain, crystal and glass for appealing effects with bright colours or in sophisticated monochromatic set ton sur ton or with logo details.

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