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07 April 2015


Speaking about Roberto Cavalli can only be described using the words 'wildness' and 'sexy'. His design is famously described as 'wild' in the fashion industry, however this 'wild' is luxurious, sexy, exquisite, incredibly elegant and poised. Mr. Cavalli also managed to integrate this complicated Italian style into interior design. It is not hard to identify his most important and significant collection of the Maison, which is distinguished by the signature and iconic large patterns from animal prints to damasks, bold colours and textures overlapping.

This is the classic design of Cavalli, using lots of fur and elements of wild animals, giving a felling of nature and of being in the wilderness. He uses bold colours and patterns from zebra to leopard prints merging these with complicated handmade Baroque embroidery. All this coordinated with the golden effect of the Byzantine style catches your eye and shows how unique and distinct any Cavalli fashion or home ware design is!

Cavalli first showed his outstanding flamboyant design in the 1970's with a magnificent retro style - luxurious materials; soft and gentle to the touch: damasks, leather furs, velours, gem crystals and gold stamped velvets, transforming the wildness of animal prints from his runway collections into furniture to create a warm and joyful ambience to the home.

Cavalli Furniture creates unique, one of a kind items by throwing in all the energy of fine selections of materials and fabrics for production and patchworks of all different colours and patterns depending on the design of any one piece.

As you enter the Roberto Cavalli Home Waterloo boutique you could easily fall in love with the unique art and craftsmanship of the glassware. Amber candleholders in shapes of twisted snakes or vases sparkling as if covered in black diamonds. There will not be a single one that can morph Cavalli’s concepts more than the strong shapes of these items which reference back to the most lethal yet graceful animals.

All this glassware has impressive backgrounds originating from the famous Murano, the Venetian island which has specialised in elegant mouth-blown glassware for centuries. From the finely cut glass and the elegant border, through to the symmetrical colour patterns, all of which are both impressive and magnificently crafted. The famous company, Murano Luxury Glass, has more than 800 years of glassware history and over 26 smelters. Cavalli cooperates with their top factory and the most impressive Cavalli glass accessories are manufactured there.

Looking back at the history, we can appreciate the glass making technique, it’s traditional past and the specialist craft which has been handed down from generation to generation. These craftsmen connect interior design, gemstones, sculptures, painting and fashion into the Murano glass, which transforms such a common material of glass into an expression of art. This is the reason that a world-class artist such as Roberto Cavalli chooses to use Murano glass to express his creative designs.

Nowadays, the world is filled with minimalist-designed furniture whilst intricate Italian styles like Cavalli are still showing the opulence and glamour of more decorative times. Looking at the jaguar head detail on his sofas, the lifelike snake shaped candleholders and the golden snake arm wrapping down to the leg on his feature ‘Snake’ armchair, you can’t help but fall in love with the wild and luxurious items in the showroom of Roberto Cavalli Home Waterloo.